Wolverine Worldwide Dumped Hazardous Chemicals in Numerous Sites Around Kent County, MI.


During the 1960s and 1970s, shoemaker Wolverine Worldwide disposed of toxic chemicals in unprotected dump sites around Kent County. Over time, these chemicals have leeched into the groundwater, contaminating local water supplies and potentially risking the health and wellbeing of residents.

Image courtesy of the Kent County Health Department

Image courtesy of the Kent County Health Department

Officials have confirmed that approximately 200 homes are being tested around a "buffer zone" surrounding the dump site located at 1855 House St. NE. The testing boundary extends north to 10 Mile Road, east across U.S. 131 to Belmont Ave. NE, south to a congregation of homes located between Chandler Dr. and Herrington Ave. NE, and west of the dump site. The expanded boundary includes all homes on House St. NE, as well as property around Clear Bottom Lake, Duck Lake, and part of Freska Lake.

Map Legend showing locations of Wolverine Worldwide Water Contamination
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Polyfluoroalkyl Substances are a Serious Health Risk.


Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a toxic chemical once used in the leather waterproofing agent Scotchgard. PFAS were banned from use in the early 2000s, due to the health risks it presents to humans and animals. PFAS exposure has been linked to numerous complications, including:

·        Higher rates of kidney and testicular cancer

·        Suppressed immune systems

·        Weakened antibody responses to vaccinations in children

·        Fibromyalgia

·        Thyroid problems

·        Increased cholesterol levels

Wolverine Worldwide is alleged to have dumped sludge laden with this chemical in numerous sites around Kent County in the 1960s and 1970s. Many  of these dump sites consist of unlined trenches, storage ponds, and lagoons, lacking any protection measures whatsoever.


What You Can Do to Protect Yourself.


If you believe that you may have been affected by the Wolverine Worldwide water contamination, it's highly advised that you have your water tested as soon as possible.

To find out if you are on the list of residences to be tested, or to arrange testing, the Kent County Health Department is instructing residents to contact Rose and Westra, a division of GZA Mark Westra/Lori Powers. They can be reached by calling (616) 258-7234 or by email at House-Street@gza.com.

Residents may also direct questions to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Environmental Assistance Center at 1-800-662-9278.

In addition, if you are a resident or owner and have suffered personal injury or property damages due to toxic chemical exposure, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit. Contact us to get in touch with an attorney handling the ongoing litigation.